Investing at school with Sharesies

November 30, 2021

In 2021, Sharesies ran a pilot with over 70 secondary school students across Manurewa High School, Hastings Boys’ High School, and Tauranga Girls’ College.

Each student created their own Sharesies account with gifted money to build their investment portfolio. They had the choice and control to invest in any company or fund available on Sharesies.

The schools used Sharesies in a variety of classes, including Accounting, Business Studies, and Management & International Business. Over the course of the year,  Sharesies staff visited the three schools and shared their Investing 101 presentation.

Benefits of the programme:

  • Investing became a talking point in the wider school community. Students talked to their peers, whānau, and other teachers about money and investing, creating an impact beyond the classroom.
  • Students were more engaged with learning about investing when they had the opportunity to invest real money, make their own investment decisions, and learn as they go.
  • Using Sharesies helped to support wider learning in the classroom, including sourcing information about companies for internal assessments, and reinforcing financial concepts (such as supply and demand, dividends, annual reports, etc.).

The programme is expanding to more schools in 2022 for use with students aged 16 and over; so if you’re an educator who’s keen to use Sharesies at your school to empower students to start investing, click here for more info>